An Oasis of Possibility

Not content with being one of the fastest growing economies in The Caribbean, Grenada shines globally with an annual GDP growth rate of over 6% which is set to continue.

Much of this is driven by the increased awareness of Grenada as a tourist destination, with its equatorial sunny climate, warm hearted locals and low risk of crime and international terrorism. Grenada is much more than just beautiful beaches (although, to be fair, they are stunning!) – the topography of the island, with its waterfalls, amazing biodiversity and exotic variety of tropical fruit make this a nature lover’s dream come true.



The Jewel of the Caribbean

You may know of other Citizenship by Investment (CBI) schemes, but you’d be surprised by what Grenada offers. We excel in processing applications quickly, and provide the opportunity to travel visa-free to China as well as over 115 other countries and the opportunity to apply for an E-2 US visa.